Bean bags for Interior decor

Bean bags are back in fashion… Not that they really left. Bean bags for interior decor is ideal for the modern home as there are so many more styles  and colours available to the consumer these days. Which makes a perfect piece of furniture for adding interior decor to the home or commercial setting. Not only do bean bags add super comfort for

Vintage Chair & Ottoman Set
Vintage chair and ottoman set

the whole family, they also provide colour to be added in any room or outdoor setting. The beauty of bean bags is their convenience, they can be thrown into any room. Throw a cushion or blanket on the bean bag like our Vintage chair & ottoman set and you have yourself a gorgeous decorated room.  You can create your own little place of paradise with beanbags. Create a relaxing space to read a book and take time out, or create a colourful space for the kids. What ever your project is, you won’t be disappointed that you purchased  bean bags for interior decor and comfort.




Bean bags are also great to decorate outdoor settings, such as our Chill Lounger and Cojelo Sauve or even an undercover verandah area which our Day Bed Lounger would be perfect for.  The beauty about outdoor bean bags is that they not only can decorate your outdoor setting, they are also transferable to the lake or beach for gatherings with friends.

Chill Lounger
Chill Lounger
Cojelo Sauve Bean Bag
Cojelo Sauve bean bag
Day Bed Lounger
Day Bed Lounger

Check out our range of bean bags to decorate your home Shop Mooi Living




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