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Recommendations for Bean Bag Filling: How to Fill Bean Bags?

Instructions for Filling your Bean Bag


How do you fill bean bags? Ok… We get this question lots… You are wondering how to fill them, especially without spilling all the beans everywhere  but inside the bean bag cover itself. We are going to make this as simple as possible for you. Follow these steps and you should not have too much spillage.

  1. All Mooi Living Bean Bags  meet Australian Safety Standards and therefore all zipper pullers of the covers have been removed so they are not accidentally opened by children. A paper clip is best used to open the bean bag cover to pour the beans in.
  2. Grab someone (if you can) to help you out. If not use some large bulldog clips to clip the bean bags to a suitable surface/object that can hold your cover up.
  3. We do recommend filling your bean bag in a bath or a more confined area to prevent beans spilling everywhere.
  4. To fill your bean bags with as less spillage as possible, we recommend  creating a funnel with a piece of cupboard to help funnel the beans into your bean bag cover.
  5. Cut the corner of the bag of beans (not the whole top) otherwise you are asking for spillage.
  6. Slowly pour the bag of beans into the funnel. Once funnel is full, lift the bean bag cover and manuvre it around to let the beans fill the cover.
  7. Repeat step 6 until your bean bag cover looks full.
  8. Once bean bag cover is full, close it with a paperclip and shake it up to see if you have enough beans in it. Sit on it, get a good feel and decide if you need more beans or not.
  9. If your bean bag needs more beans repeat steps 6-8.
  10.  Once bean bags are full to your desire, the most important thing is, sit back, relax and enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Recommendations for Bean Bag Filling: How to Fill Bean Bags?”

    1. Hello Rosie,

      Unfortunately, we don’t. Freight would be astronomical if we did. However, you can purchase the beans from your local Kmart or Big W.

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