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About Us

Mooi Living is an Australian run family business. Two families running a business and selling a product they are completely passionate about. Added bonus, we get to work with our best friends!

Where our Journey Began

Back in 2017, Natalie pregnant with her first child decided that she really wanted to start a business that would allow her to work from home where she could be close with her family. After doing extensive research, she loved the idea of being able to design and supply modern and luxury bean bag covers.

So at 12-weeks into her first pregnancy, Natalie and her husband, Paul decided to travel to China to find a manufacturer for bean bags.  

After meeting with various suppliers, they partnered with a couple of small family run businesses, whose values aligned with their own ... and we have been working with these same suppliers (who by the way are amazing) since 2017.

Stacy and her husband, Jeremey, then joined the team in 2020 and together we are building a business that we are both incredibly passionate about.

In fact, we love our bean bags so much, that both families have them scattered all through the house and our children's teachers get a lovely bean bag as the perfect end of year teacher's gift.

We love our Product

We may be biassed, but we absolutely love our range of bean bags, so much so, we have plenty of them set up in our own homes. That's right, apart from loving each new design, we also take them home so that we can test them, see how they age, how comfy they are and ultimately if and how we can improve them. We are incredibly proud of the Mooi Living brand and what we have created. We are sure you will too.

We look forward to helping you find the best seat in the house!

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