Where to get Bean Bag Filling in Australia

While Mooi Living sell luxury designer bean bag covers and outdoor bean bags, if we were to also supply the bean filling, then freight would be astronomical! While beans are relatively light, they do take up a considerable amount of room. The million-dollar question: where to get your bean filling from?

Kmart – Bean Filling

We predominantly fill our bean bags with bean filling, and we have found Kmart to offer the best value for money. For just $12 you will get 100-litres of bean filling. And to top it off, it’s less staticky than the bean filling from other retailers. Best of all, you can purchase online, select click and collect and pick it up with the car at their dock.

Big W – Bean Filling

Likewise, Big W sell bean filling for $12/100 litres. Again, you can order through click and collect and pick it up at their dock … which if you have ever bought bean filling, this is the way to go. Bean filling can take up a lot of room, and it is insanely hard to navigate through the shops with it, even in a trolley.

EBay – Bean & Foam Filling

Did you know you can purchase bulk bean filling from various only ebay stores? We have seen 500-grams (85-litres) selling for around $35. This is a more expensive alternative, but a great for those wanting it delivered to their door.

Clark Rubber – Crumb Foam Filling

We have not yet tried this ourselves, but some of our customers rave about the crumb foam filling. Prices start from $69 for 5kg at Clark Rubber. Crumb filling is an excellent alternative to polyester fibre. Combine it will polystyrene beads to reduce squeaking sounds and to create a comfortable spongey feel. Foam filled bean bags are incredibly comfortable, but please be aware, it will add more weight to your new piece, making it harder to move around.

Old Clothes are Soft Toys

One of our good friends recently bought the Komfort Triangle, when we asked her how she went filling her bean bag, she said easy … I just filled it with all my old clothes. We asked her if it was a comfortable solution, and she said it was comfortable, just a little on the harder side (and heavy). We have also seen bean bags being filled with the kids’ old soft toys – so a filler and a storage solution. We have not tried either of these methods, but it just goes to show, sometimes you just need to think outside the box.

In conclusion, Mooi Living recommends filling your Mooi Living bean bag or lounger with bean filling. This option keeps it light and simple. Read our blog on how to fill your bean bags.

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