Mooi Living stocks high quality, comfortable bean bags for comfort and relaxation. Each bag is made from foam stuffing that’s comfortable yet still offers structural support, before being covered in soft, skin-friendly fabric. In order to choose a Mooi Living bean bag chair for your home, you need to identify what you want to get out of the purchase.

You’ll find that our bean bags are perfect for many outdoor occasions. Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking for a quality outdoor bean bag that will meet your needs. Once you have identified what you’re looking for, you can peruse our wide range of outdoor bean bag furniture to decide which one’s most suitable for you.

  • What Size Do You Need?

Think about the size of bean bag you’ll require. Do you entertain guests often? Do you enjoy sprawling out? If you don’t have people over often and don’t need plenty of space, a single seater may be suitable for your needs. If not, a double seater may be more comfortable and practical.

  • What Kind Of Fabric Do You Need?

For outdoor bean bag furniture, your choice of fabric is imperative. Mooi Living manufactures outdoor bean bags with waterproof or water resistant fabric, in case it gets wet at the beach, on a fishing trip or by the pool. The fabric we use is durable, with a minimum of Grade 5 UV protection so that your skin won’t burn in the sun. With regards to the Australian climate in particular, our Cojelo Sauve bean bags are preferred because they have a Grade 8 UV protection.

  • Is It Functional?

You know your bean bag will look good, wherever you place it outdoors. However you must keep in mind if your choice in bean bag is functional. Are you comfortable when you sit in it? Are you able to move it around easily? Remember that we have different sizes for adults and kids.

At Mooi Living we’ll always recommend a bean bag for outside use and they’re so durable, water resistant and mould resistant. We also want to help you take outdoor relaxation to the extreme, so for all of your outdoor comfort and relaxation needs, Mooi Living is your solution.

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