Unzipping your Bean Bags

Zipper Instructions – please note, but Australian law, our bean bags’ zippers are supplied with no lids, this is to prevent children from opening the bean bag and accessing the bean fill, which can be a safety hazard for children:

Instructions for Filling your Bean Bag

How do you fill bean bags? Ok… We get this question lots… You are wondering how to fill them, especially without spilling all the beans everywhere but inside the bean bag cover itself.


We are going to make this as simple as possible for you. Follow these steps and you should not have too much spillage.

  1. All Mooi Living Designer Bean Bags meet Australian Safety Standards and therefore all zipper pullers of the covers have been removed so they are not accidentally opened by children. A paper clip is best used to open the bean bag cover to pour the beans in. DO NOT USE PLIERS. Watch the video above.

  2. All of our bean bags, with the exception of the Serena & Vintage Chairs come complete with inner bags. Please make sure that you fill the inner bag with the bean or foam filling. Once filled, put inside the covers.

  3. It really is a 2-person job! Grab someone (if you can) to help you out. If not use some large bulldog clips to clip the bean bags to a suitable surface/object that can hold your cover up.

  4. We do recommend filling your bean bag in a bath or a more confined area to prevent beans spilling everywhere (plug in of course).

  5. To fill your bean bags with as less spillage as possible, we recommend creating a funnel with a piece of cupboard to help funnel the beans into your bean bag cover.

  6. Cut the corner of the bag of beans (not the whole top) otherwise you are asking for spillage.

  7. Slowly pour the bag of beans into the funnel. Once funnel is full, lift the bean bag cover and manuvre it around to let the beans flow into the cover.

  8. Repeat step 7 until your bean bag cover looks full.

  9. Once bean bag cover is full, close it with a paperclip and shake it up to see if you have enough beans in it. Sit on it, get a good feel and decide if you need more beans or not.

  10. If your bean bag needs more beans repeat steps 6-8.

  11. Once bean bags are full to your desire, the most important thing is, sit back, relax and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: It is easier to add more filling to your bean bags than have to remove it! We recommend testing them at different intervals to see if it is the right firmness for you. Over filling your bean bag could damage the inner bag.

Instructions for Filling the Single Boss Bean Bag

Boss Bean Bag has three inner liners marked 1, 2, 3

  • Mark 1: is the inner liner of the seat front part, filling around 118Litres of beans
  • Mark 2: is the inner liner of the back top part – filling around 42-L of bean filling
  • Mark 3 is the inner liner of the middle part, approx. 147 Litres of bean filling required.
  • You can adjust the filling volume based on your preference. Enjoy


Instructions for Filling the Double Boss Lounger

Boss Bean Bag has three inner liners marked 1, 2, 3

  • Mark 1: is the inner liner of the seat front part, filling around 268 Litres of beans (#1 is the sitting part)
  • Mark 2: is the inner liner of the back top part – filling around 80-L of bean filling (#2 is the top bag where the head rest)
  • Mark 3 is the inner liner of the middle part, approx. 268 Litres of bean filling required. (#3 is the last bag when you assemble – the last inner bag to be inserted into the bean bag)
  • You can adjust the filling volume based on your preference. Enjoy

Filling RecommendationsIndoor Bean Bags

  1. Boss Bean Bag: 350L of beans or 7kg of crumbed foam
  2. Boss Ottoman – 50L of beans or 2 kg of crumbed foam
  3. Canvas Triangle Bean Bag: 320L of  beans  or 7kg of crumbed foam
  4. Daybed Lounger: 380 litres of  beans or 7.5kg of crumbed foam
  5. Double Boss Lounger: 600L o f  beans or 12 kg of crumbed foam
  6. Komfort Triangle Large: 480L of beans or 10kg of crumbed foam
  7. Mini Canvas Triangles – 150L of beans or 3kg of crumbed foam
  8. Serena Armchair - 500L of beans or 10kg of crumbed foam
  9. Serena Ottoman - 150L  of beans or 10kg of crumbed foam
  10. Vintage Chair & Ottoman: 350L of beans for the chair & 50L for the ottoman – 8-9kg of crumbed foam for both recommended

Foam Filling

Please note: foam filling can be quite squishy, so it really comes down to personal preference. We actually recommend doing a mixture - 50/50 of each filling. For instance, if your bean bag requires 600L of beans, then a mixture of 300L of bean filling + 6kg of crumbed foam.  

We're not going to lie - the mixture is a nightmare to fill, but according to our customers, so worth it in the end.

Foam is only recommended for indoor bean bags.

Please use good common sense when filling your bean bag … if it looks too full, then don’t try to close it. We recommend you go lighter, test it and add more if needed.

Outdoor Bean Bags

  1. Bora Bora Chair: 450L of bean filling recommended
  2. Cojelo Sauve UV: 500L of  bean filling recommended
  3. Chill UV Double Seater – 600L of bean filling recommended
  4. Isla Lounger: 500-550L of bean filling recommended
  5. Lachlan Lounger: 550L of bean filling recommended
  6. Lana Lounger: 600L of  bean filling recommended
  7. Mini Pods: 270L of bean filling recommended
  8. Nevaeh Sunbed: 1000L of bean filling recommended
  9. Outdoor Ottoman – 75L of bean filling recommended
  10. Santorini Float - 420L of bean filling recommended
  11. Sorrento Float - 200L of  of bean filling recommended
  12. Universal Cushion: 300-340 litres of beans recommended
  13. Unplug Triangle Bean Bag: 300 litres of beans recommended

Nevaeh Sunbed

The Nevaeh requires a little work to get the right shape. Most importantly, you will need to ensure the inner bag is lined up with the covers.

Watch this instruction video for more details.

Bean filling is recommended for the outdoor bean bags. Foam absorbs moisture and is more likely to get mouldy.

Micro-beads are also a great alternative. As they are smaller than your regular bean fill, they make less surface noise, not to mention they are incredibly comfortable. You can purchase micro beads through Amazon or local suppliers. 

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