Striped Bean Bags

At Mooi Living, we are just totally in-looove with our outdoor striped bean bags! You can’t get any more resort than having a little stripe in your backyard! Not only do striped bean bags add a little 5-star to your home, but there are also some other reasons why big resorts choose stripe over solid!

WOW Factor

Stripes are fancy and they are the essence of beach vacation. A beautiful striped bean bag will dress your backyard up and give it the WOW factor! Guaranteed – all your mates will be asking where you bought the fancy bean bags from! Not to mention, our design team at Mooi have selected classy colours that are both vibrant and on-trend.

They Hide Marks

An outdoor bean bag, no matter how careful you are, will at times get marks on them – whether it be from sunscreen, fake tan, food or wine … the inevitable will happen. Striped fabric will disguise these marks and make them much less noticeable to the naked eye!

A side note on this one – Our striped bean bags are made from Sunproof Olefin, so they are stain resistant, so in most cases you will be able to wipe them down, or remove the covers and give them a gentle cycle wash and be gone with any little marks … but for those times when you are too busy to do so, you can be rest assured, those little marks won’t stand out!

They Stand Out

Want to make a statement – striped bean bags stand out! It’s a fact. They look fabulous, they look fancy, and they are so incredibly comfortable, you will never want to leave the comfort of your own backyard!

Mooi Living’s range of outdoor striped bean bags are made from either a standard Olefin or a Sunproof Olefin, which means they are designed specifically for the outdoors. With Grade 8 fastness & UV protection, these gorgeous bean bags are perfect for poolside or in the garden. And they will dress up your home and make your outdoors look fabulous!

Check out our range of high quality outdoor striped bean bags below!

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