Pool floating bean bags are next level heaven on earth, so we completely understand why these pieces are incredibly popular. Having said that, not all bean bags are made for floating in the pool. And at the moment, Mooi Living’s bean bags are designed as poolside bean bags only. Watch this space though, as we will have our own line of in-pool bean bags come Spring-2022.

Quite honestly, you can throw pretty much any bean bag with bean filling in the pool, and chances are they will float; but not all of them are designed to do so safely.

Let us explain …

Drainage System

While a bean bag may be water resistant or waterproof, they are not always 100% waterproof. While they fabric may be, the zippers usually are not. So water can still enter the bean bag. Looking for bean bags with the right good drainage is paramount to finding the right pool bean bag. If you can thoroughly dry the filling, then you can avoid mould and mildew … which will inevitably ruin your bean bags.

Chlorinated and Saltwater Pools

Chlorine and salt can really have a detrimental impact on fabric. Chlorine can act as a bleaching agent, which can discolour (fade) your floating bean bag.

Using your bean bag in a salt pool or in the ocean, can lead to build up which can leave the fabric looking worse for wear. Though, you can negate some of the damage by washing the salt off your floating bean bag after it’s bean in the salt water, and make sure it is dried properly.

However, if you want the best protection from chlorine and salt, then you will need to invest in a quality bean bag with a premium fabric, such as Sunproof Olefin (which is what our floating bean bags will be made from). Sun Proof Olefin offers many benefits, with colour fastness to artificial wearing and rubbing, along with colour fastness to chlorine and sea water.

Fabric Designed for the Water

The right fabric will also be a lot safer. Cheaper options can often become heavy and hard to dry, which will over time create an environment for mould and mildew. Cheap fabric will also erode over time, so the likes of cheap polyester can easily rip and tear – and polystyrene balls are not great for your pool. Quality fabrics that are looked after, will provide you with many years of safe use, while also look stylish and on point.

Should you get a Pool Bean Bag?

Sitting on a normal bean bag is like sitting on a cloud, now imaging putting that cloud on water … oh the serenity. So much comfier than an inflatable. No plastic sticking to your skin or deflating on you. Nope, the floating pool bean bag is an affordable luxury that should be enjoyed by everyone.

Great for relaxing in the pool or enjoying the waves at the beach. An in-pool beanbag is simply divine … but don’t just take out word for it!

Mooi Living’s floating bean bags are due to arrive in August, just in time for Summer … and we can’t wait. Watch this space, because we can tell you now, they are going to sell fast!

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