Interior designers and property stylists are loving a Mooi Living bean bag couch right now! Not only are they super comfortable and cost effective, but they are also modern and offer the WOW factor when it comes to your living room or backyard decor.

What are bean bag couches?

Just as the name suggests, a bean bag couch a version of the traditional couch, however, it’s a bean bag chair. As a result, it is lighter to move around and a lot more economical.

Unlike the traditional couch however, a beanbag lounge is low to the ground and offers ample room for you to stretch out your legs. Bean bag couches have a backrest that will support your body and allow you to sit up just as you would on a normal couch.

What are the benefits of a bean bag couch?

There are ample advantages to owning a bean bag, but one of the biggest advantages to investing in a bean bag furniture, is the fact that a these pieces are light in weight, so can easily be moved around. Making it a very versatile casual piece of furniture.

Additionally, the foam or bean filling will mould to the contours of your body, as a result, your body is supported. Moreover, because a bean bag is much lighter than your average couch, you are more likely to have it faced in the direction that you are looking, so no laying in awkward positions. Bean bags offer great support to the body and can support your back and promote good posture.

And let’s face it, modern bean bags are incredibly stylish! They can look like a couch, a day bed or even a big slouch chair.

Finally, bean bags are also much more economical than your average couch. So if you are looking for temporary furniture or looking for the perfect seat for many years to come, these gorgeous pieces are affordable to pretty much everyone.

Indoor and Outdoor Designs

Bean bags come in a range of designs, colours and fabrics. Not only can you get a gorgeous bean bag couch for indoors, but why not get one made especially for the outdoors. Mooi Living provide a range of designs … our indoors are made from beautiful linen and polyester blends, and our premium outdoor couches are made from 100% Olefin fabric. Olefin is a soft, yet durable fabric this is water, mould and stain resistant, not to mention, offers great UV protection … perfect for the outdoors.

Honestly, we could sell you on the advantages of the ultimate bean bag couch until the cows come home, but the only way you will know for sure, is by taking the ultimate plunge and sitting in one. Mooi Living offer a great range, and we can guarantee once you take a seat, you will never want to get off!a

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