Over time, the natural elements have the potential to really do some damage to your outdoor furniture. Whether it be the wind or the harsh Australian sun.

So how can you protect your outdoor furniture?

Like with most things, you will need to show your new premium outdoor bean bags & loungers some tender loving care. And by simply following these tips, you will get many years out of your new Mooi Living outdoor furniture sets.

  1. Keep it Clean!

Sounds pretty simple right. And it is. Make sure to periodically wash down your sun lounger or bean bag chair with a wet cloth. Our pieces clean up really nicely by simply wiping them down every now and then. Make it part of the kids’ chores or part of your monthly cleaning schedule.

Spill a little wine? Make sure to wipe it down immediately. The same with food spillage. Getting it early will ensure there are no stains.

You can also spray your outdoor pieces with a fabric protector to give them just a little more protection

  1. Provide some shade or cover

UV Rays are not only harmful to human skin but can be extremely damaging to your outdoor décor. While it is nice to laze out in the sun on your new lounger, if you are not using them, and have some shade or cover, then make sure to store them out of direct sunlight. That way, you will reduce the chance of the fabric fading

  1. Plan ahead

As mere humans, we can’t all be Meteorologists, but knowing weather patterns and planning ahead can ensure your outdoor pieces are kept safe in extreme events. We’re based in Queensland, so we get severe storms throughout Summer. If you know the weather is about to turn wild, then find a place to store them safely. The garage or garden shed can be the perfect place to keep them away from Mother Nature when she is angry.

  1. Let them dry out

Are you bean bags poolside? Or did they just get caught in the rain? A seriously wet bean bag can become an incredibly smelly one! Make sure to hang your lounger or chair up and let it properly dry out before storing away.

Get the most out of your Mooi Living luxury outdoor bean bags and loungers by simply taking good care of them, and you will get many years of pure, unadulterated comfort bliss.

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