Outdoor design is one hot trend that Australians are now spending big bucks on. And why not, most of Australia is blessed with year-round gorgeous weather; even in the chillier months, there is nothing quite as satisfying as spending time in the great outdoors.

Many backyard stylists are bringing the comforts of the indoors out! Hello outdoor kitchens, living areas and let’s not forget … loungers, sofas and daybeds!

Can anyone give me a “Hell Yeah” … there’s nothing quite like lazing back on a Sunday afternoon with a vino in one hand, the tunes blaring in the background, all the while being incredibly comfortable on an outdoor bean bag lounger!

Or imagine this, there’s a chill in the air, the firepit is a blazing, marshmallows toasting, wine has been poured, the family are happy, and you are all cozied up on a gorgeous Mooi Living bean bag sofa. Could life really get any better?

Now we love our entire outdoor collection, but here are our top 4 bean bag loungers that will help you create your own backyard haven.

This double seater is the best, comfiest love seat on the market. We’ve made this one big, so that you can either sprawl out by yourself, or snuggle up with someone special. Additionally, this gorgeous piece is made from 100% Olefin, so it can handle the harsh Australian weather. Available in 4 x Colours.

Cojelo means “take it easy” … and take it easy you will in this gorgeous single bean bag lounger. Long enough to support your entire body, with a high back for additional support. This gorgeous piece is perfect for lazing by the pool. Made from 100% Olefin fabric. Available in 2 x Colours.

The Chill UV is a double seater, dubbed the “love seat” by our customers. In fact, one review read: “It’s like a couch but for the outdoors!” Sprawl out by yourself or sunggle up with someone special. Made from Durable 1200D Polyester. Available in 2 x Colours.

Escape to pure Paradise in this gorgeous single sun lounger. Like the Cojelo, this gorgeous outdoor lounge is long enough to support the entire body. Lie down and enjoy the sun, even have a little kip or read a book. Made from 100% Olefin fabric. Available in 3 x Colours.

Escape to Paradise

If you like the little luxuries in life, then you will love the luxury and escape that a Mooi Living outdoor bean bag can provide. View our full range here:

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