Living Room Ideas

Decorating your living room? Here are 7 living room ideas we’ve compiled to help you get started. From décor to design through to furniture, here are some of our top living room inspirations.

Designer Bean Bags

Of course, we are going to give our gorgeous designer bean bags a plug, because they just look so classy in any living room. Check out some of our favourites for the living room below.

Cushions & Throws

We really love our neutral colours for our bean bags, but one way to inject a little colour is to dress them up with a throw or pillow. Hampton’s House have some beautiful indoor cushions in variety of patterns.

If you are after brighter colours, then we’re in love with The Décor House’s collection of indoor cushions and throws. They’re also affordable and offer great value for money.

Indoor Plants

Nothing looks fresher or more welcoming than having natural scenery in your living area. Indoor plants can really make a statement. From Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, Peace Lily, Pathos or Areca Plants these beauties are so simple, yet can really lighten up a room. Our number one stop for our indoor plants is Bunnings – they have a massive range and some beautiful pots to match.


Although our winters are not as cold as some European countries, we do get a couple of months of pretty chilly weather here in Australia. A fireplace, even when it is not on, creates an incredibly cosy and welcoming space. Not to mention, it makes a room feel a little more upmarket – well in our view anyway. We’re quite smitten with Fire Haus’ Cheminee Chazelles Deesigner Wood Fireplace. So contemporary. So incredibly inviting. Imagine relaxing by the fire in one of Mooi Living’s Bean Bags … the relaxation factor would go through the roof!

Coffee Tables

Not only are they practical, but they also look great. Coffee tables come in a range of sizes and designs, so chances are, you will be able to find a design to suit any space. We love Temple & Webster’s large offering of designer coffee tables. Their range covers a myriad of design themes, colours and sizes. The pricing is also pretty attractive.

Freedom Furniture also has a large range of beautiful coffee table designs.

Living Room Art

A gorgeous piece for the wall can really make a huge statement. The choice of art for your living room will ultimately depend on your tastes, budget and décor style. There are a number of online stores providing gorgeous pieces for very affordable prices.

Floor Rugs

There are an array of beautiful rugs and mats available, and they can certainly add a touch of elegance to your living room, not to mention, warm them up in winter. Rugs also add an extra protective layer to your flooring, and they look amazing. We love Miss Amara and Nick Scali for our rugs.

When it comes to living room inspiration, these are just a couple of our go to options. We like to keep our living rooms simple and clutter free. However, your living room needs to be a space that offers comfort and is welcoming. Keep to your theme and dress it up in a style that you love and love coming home to.

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