Regardless of whether you are an adult or a child, we all need to have a place to simply Chill Out! A modern bean bag is a great retreat for every household and any age.

Adult Chill Zone Bean Bags

We all need some downtime. Life is fast and nowadays it seems we are all time poor. Making time for ourselves as adults is more important than it has ever been before. Our lives are so fast paced that we need to slow down or we will burn out.

Mooi Living’s range of luxury beanbags and loungers are the perfect escape for every adult. Escape with a book, watch some Netflix or simply indulge in a little nap, regardless of how you want to spend your chill time, make a bean bag your chill zone.

Additionally, bean bags mould to your body, supporting your weight and encourage good posture.

Here are our top chill zone bean bags for adults:

Chill Zone Bean Bags | Adults

These massive bean bags are the essence of luxury. Great as a gaming bean bag or just to sit back and watch the footy. Made from a quality Linen / Polyester blend, these awesome beanbags are designed for total relaxation!

Vintage Chair & Ottoman

Vintage Chill & Ottomon - the Perfect Chill Zone

One of our most popular designs, the Vintage Chair and Ottoman is perfect for those who just need to take some time out and chill. Use the Ottoman as a footrest or side table – and sink back into pure comfort. And they look great as well.

Kids Chill Out Space

Our little humans are always so incredibly busy. From arts and crafts to imaginary play, they are pretty much go-go-go from the time they wake until they close their eyes. Encouraging some chill time during the day is hugely beneficial. Not to mention, encouraging chill time while also spending time with them.

A bean bag is a great comfort seat for them. As they are low level, they can still play with all their toys, and do so in comfort. As a parent, we can get down on their level and enjoy some quality time with our gorgeous children.

Here are our top Bean Bags for Kids:

Coast Teardrop Bean Bag

The Coastal Teardrop is a traditional indoor bean bag design, and it is also incredibly spacious – big enough for both child and parent. Available in a pale blue, this gorgeous design is simply perfect for the kids room.

Universal Cushion

Universal Cushion the Perfect Kids Chill Zone

Bright and colourful, the universal cushion is like an extra-large cushion. Perfect for playtime, but also great to take out camping and on picnics. Made from Durable 600D Cationic fabric – ultra-durable and super comfortable.

Bean bags have come a long way since the 70’s. And we’re not just saying this from a sales perspective. We have kids of our own – and we’ve decked our homes out with our own range, inside and out, so we are actually speaking from experience. We also have a range of bean bag couches and pool lounges for the best in relaxation. Bean bags are the ultimate chill out zone – something both adults and children alike need and deserve!

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