Need to get those creative juices flowing? Many big brands are embracing the modern trend of setting up rooms that fall outside the traditional, and create comfortable environments that encourage creativity, collaboration and flexibility.

Big brands such as Facebook, Google and BHP have sourced professional interior designers to design creative spaces for their staff … in many cases over many floors.


Simply to inspire and motivate their staff. Creating a place where their people want to come to work every single day, and feel comfortable to collaborate, create and execute.

Google for example, create themed floor spaces, zoning for different personalities and dynamics of their workplace in order to get the most out of their staff.

While us mere mortals may not have the space, resources or budgets to recreate what Google has, we can certainly create a space where our staff can feel comfortable and inspired. Here are some modern trends that local businesses are incorporating to accommodation staff.

Stand up desks

Sitting in front of a desk for 8-hours each day is taxing on the body. My neck, shoulders and lower back are aching just writing this. Height adjustable desks can be alternated so your staff can be seated or standing.

There are considerable benefits to having a stand-up desk, such as increased productivity, reduce chances of weight gain, lower blood pressure and reduce back pain.


The psychology of colour is an incredibly amazing art. Different colours can be hugely influential on our behaviour and decision-making. Colour can instantly evoke our emotions and is one of the most powerful non-verbal ways of communicating. Blue for instance, cultivates trust and symbolises loyalty and responsibility. The colour of your walls, counters and couches can significantly influence your employees’ mindset and behaviour.

Bean Bags

The iconic bean bag has come a long way in recent times, with many now resembling fancy armchairs and daybeds. When it comes to a collaborative space in the workplace, bean bag chairs can offer incredible comfort for all. That’s why they are an incredibly popular choice.

No to mention, they take the intimidation factor out of a board meeting. As a result, staff are more likely to comfortably converse and collaborate.

Bean bags are also great for posture and comfort, giving your staff a chance to rest and break in a comfortable space.

Natural Lighting

Natural light … need we say more! Brighter is always better! And if you work in an office space, then most of your day is spent inside, so it is more important than ever, that your staff are exposed to natural light.

Numerous studies have shown that natural light result in healthier, happier workers (fewer sick days) and increase the value of the space. Overall, natural light can increase the productivity of your employees and save you on utility bills.

Plants and the Workspace

Plants have been proven to improve mood an overall well well-being and they look great! Indoor plants can significantly improve a rooms décor and make much more inviting. Plants also clean the air and will help your staff feel more connected to nature.

Inspirational Pieces

Affirmations are great for inspiring staff – helping them believe in their capabilities. So why not have them on show in your office space. Create inspiration boards, or dress up your walls with inspiring pieces, either way it will get your staff thinking well beyond their limitations.

There are so many ways that you can create a creative collaborative space that encourages the imagination and inspires a collaborative show of sharing and great ideas. Even on a budget or in a tiny office, you can create a space that is inviting, welcoming and safe for your staff. Let’s face it, we’re in the office for on average 35% of our waking hours, shouldn’t we provide a place where our staff want to be?

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