How to Shop Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Sales are now one of the biggest periods in retail right here in Australia. Weird considering it a colloquial term for the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. The start of the shopping period in the USA. But atlas, just like many things, we Aussies have taken this tradition … and well, we are running with it!

Let’s give you some tips on how to shop Black Friday …

Why do retailers start their Black Friday Sales so early?

Typically, the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales run over the last weekend of November. However, many retailers start their Black Friday promotion in November … Why?

Simple really, it gives us a chance to A) promote to our potential shoppers, and B) to allow our shoppers to order their Christmas gifts (at a bargain) early. Ensuring they have their present to put under the Christmas tree!

Order Early!

It’s a fact, if it’s good and at a great price, take it while they’ve got it! The best products will sell fast, and if you leave it to the last minute, you will miss out! Or worse, you will miss the sale altogether and must pay full retail … now that can hurt!

Do your Research!

Make sure to do a good search … there will be ample online material with where the good sales will be and what they are. It also doesn’t hurt to ask retailers if they are going to run a Black Friday Sale!

Don’t forget Small Business

The BIG retailers really take this time to get right in your face, the smaller businesses are also trying to make their mark. There are thousands of gorgeous small businesses that offer fantastic products … unique products. So if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift or you simply want to indulge in a couple of bargains … don’t forget the little guys!

The BIG Weekend

Look it’s a real vibe to shop over the Black Friday weekend, but it’s also incredibly painful. And a lot of retailers will up the anty just a little to get those sales across. So you will most definitely see some better deals. Get done by others … and miss out on items you should have bought at early.

Our recommendations …

If you see an item, you love on sale early in November … buy it! You don’t want to risk it selling out or forgetting about it. You also have a better chance (if ordering online) of receiving it before Christmas. Shipping around this time of year is just manic, so be prepared and take advantage of the best deals early!

Mooi Living Plug

We run our one of our biggest sales over the Black Friday period … and we start early to allow our customers to measure up and it gives them ample time to make a decision and to order well before the cray-cray period fully takes effect.

This year, we have selected items on sale and then on top of that, we are offering our customers a Buy 1 Get 1 30% off. Discount is automatically applied at checkout and is applied to the least expensive item.

This offer applies across our entire range, from our gorgeous indoor bean bag chairs & day beds to our poolside loungers and pool floats. Order yours today.

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