Advantages of a Bean Bag

We may be incredibly biased, but there are plenty of advantages to having a bean bag chair. They have come a long way from the love seats of the 1970’s, and today they are a great design piece that can make a huge statement to virtually any room inside your home. Aside from looking great, and providing an incredibly comfortable place to relax, there are several other advantages of owning a bean bag.

Easy to Move

Unlike couches and armchairs, bean bag chairs, daybeds and loungers are super light. Especially if they are filled with beans. Making these lightweight furnishings easy to relocate to another room or to simply move when you are cleaning up.

Health Advantages

There are definitely health advantages to sitting in a beanbag. As the beans mould and support your body, encouraging you to position yourself in a way that supports posture. The pure comfort of one of our indoor pieces will help alleviate stress and will help to prevent tension, anxiety and stress. If you practice meditation, then a bean bag chair could be the perfect piece of furniture for you.

Easy to Assemble

If you purchase a Mooi Living bean bag chair, you won’t have the stress of having to piece together a whole heap of parts, with a manual that makes very little sense. In fact, all you need to do is fill your beanbag with beans and you are good to go! And if you take good care of your Mooi Living furnishing it could last you a lifetime.


Our gorgeous indoor and outdoor furnishings can be used in a range of rooms for a variety of uses. Maybe you are looking for a statement piece for your master bedroom. Maybe you want some chill loungers for around the pool. Or maybe you are looking for some comfort when playing with the kids? Or looking for the perfect chill zone for the kids! We have a range of designs and pieces that would be ideal. Property staging, gaming chairs or simply just your own place to escape – and bean bag can be used for virtually anything.


We’re not going to lie, quality beam bags are not necessarily cheap … but they are a whole lot cheaper than investing in an armchair, couch or even an outdoor set. Plus, they offer incredible value!

We love our Mooi Living bean bag chairs and loungers. We have them spread around the house and they are perfect for both adults and children alike. View our range online today.

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